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Decemeber 2022
Carnegie Mellon University SoA 

The project is about the pedestrianization of the
Allegheny river as the hearth or center of the city. Currently the rivers purpose servers mainly as a path for service transpiration. So it was important for us to create a system of movement across the city that marriages the  experiences of the day to day life. Our proposals are situated each on the edge that of the land where the land meets the river. Here is where our project extends the conventional pedestrian paths toward the river.


We invite you to take a stroll along the river!

Generative Research Mappings and Corresponding Constituency Diagrams 

Precedent Studies and Analysis


Project Proposal

The last stop on the stroll along the river is the hostel housing on Herr’s island. Historically Herr’s island was a commercial land but in recent years has been transformed into housing an mixed use buildings. However the island still lacks a form of access as there is one pedestrian bridge that connects down to the island and the 31st bridge which spans above. In this proposal the center of the hostel housing is the community kitchen and residential green space that begins to invite the pedestrian down into the island and into the housing project. The housing is also accessible by boat on the lower level, here docks are situated below the bridge.
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