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December 2023
Carnegie Mellon University SoA 

The Quad of Applied Arts is a proposed extension and addition to the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. As the name suggests, our proposal is centered around the public space located on what is now the College of Fine Arts parking lot in-between the current buildings in which the School of Architecture occupies. As a campus building, it is integral that we consider the history of the campus and school as well as the needs of students and faculty today. While programmatically, the new building accommodates the School of Architecture (SOA), the plaza-like quad above grade is a blend of landscaping and skylights. Open to the public, this level incents a place for meandering and lingering that allows the School of Architecture to further mark its presence and connect with other colleges. The Quad of Applied Arts is not only creating outdoor space for the School of Architecture but also the other schools within the College of Fine Arts. This open space draws from the legacy of space-making in the larger campus and mirrors the intentions of the campus planning. 

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